May all my destinations accept the one that’s me

“I actually never do things while having second thoughts”, I found myself boldly stating last month. “I either jump in wholeheartedly, or I can’t be bothered.” Although this was rather related to the Master’s degree I recently commenced despite many doubts, it applies to Vegamundo as well. I fully plunged into the travel blogging world while I was exploring Indonesia’s volcanoes and Thailand’s mountains last winter. But when life took me back to the worlds of academia and activism, I slowly got to realise that my love for adventures is just one of my passions. There’s heaps more, and my current quest is to reconcile them in some way.

So I’ve been meaning to write something here for ages and actually have about 10 drafts lingering around, ranging from stories on my summer travels to deliberations on the ethics of the tourism industry. Yet I kept postponing to actually post something until I knew all the answers to the questions that have been nagging at my mind for the past half year. Or at least until I could answer the question as to what I want to do with this blog.

Although there’s still many future-related questions running through my mind if I let them, Eddie Vedder’s soothing voice during a bushwalk last night made me realise that it’s ok to not know all the answers. The questions don’t seem to be here to be answered anyway, for every answer has only lead to more questions, resulting in a kind of question-inception.

Meanwhile, I ended up deciding to take this blog offline. I’m positive that wherever life’s taking me, I’ll feel the urge to write about it, so I’ll most likely start a new blog at some point. And of course there’s heaps of other vegan travel blogs out there! For now, I hope Eddie does a good job at filling up the gap.

On a final note: you can still order and enjoy my cookbook Peso Pinching Mexican Meals!

(Oh my, this still looks so tragic! But the song’s so good… it’s just supposed to be here)